Recent Updates
  • Fragment Of Seren + Sotetseg updates: - You will now get casted a teleblock on you once the npc dies if you have done enough damage. - It will now display where the npc died, aka what wilderness level it died at. - Recoded 3 hunter files, it now tracks triggered, caught, pending, and not invalid npc types for box traps, the box trap file and boxtrap processor system has also been decreased in chance to make it easier. - overload check system has been implemented a lot better to track if its ended or still in process. - 10/03/2024
  • Hunleff Updates: - Checked to make sure if you did not have inventory that the key would still be given, this code is more accurate and should have no issues at all regarding bank space, inventory space. - Hunleff when dead no longer gives a global message, unneccesary. - Smithing did not even have a code to check the amount of stuff it wanted/wanted to delete, this now has been incorparated through the code. Vorkath fixes: - Skeletal visage on the droptable twice for very rare and was duplicating on the collection log. - Vorkath head was extremely rare to be dropped and has been normalised to what i actually want it to be. - Vorkath head should now also show up on the collection log. Crystalline monsters (crystal cave npcs) fixes: - Some npcs such as rats, bears was not gaining battlepass experience, this is now fixed. - Some npcs such as rats, bears was not gaining pvm points, this is now fixed. Item stat bonuses fixed: Twisted Buckler: Other bonuses: +10 strength added. - 10/03/2024
  • - Arclight now has a better accuracy + the effect should be more accurate aswell. - When completing the tutorial as a new player you will no longer be announced twice. - Graceful shop will no longer be under vote shop. Following bosses on droptables have been adjusted/nerfed - General graardor (drop rates increased for some items) - Kril tsutsaroth items have been increased (for some items). - Commander Zilyana items have been increased (for some items). - Lizard Shaman, Dragon warhammer has been nerfed. - Alchmehic hydra drop tables for rare/very rare has been edited very slighty. - Cerberus drop tables have been increased. Following pets were removed from droptable (pets are handled by another system therefore shouldnt be on drops - Cerberus pets - Zulrah pets - Vetion pets. - Voting boss temporarily moved until it can become a priority to code. - Crystal Keys are now stackable. - 10/03/2024
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    All of our updates or suggestions or bugs will be on the discord and highely recommend you going to the discord to create ideas of your own and have it shared with the community and potentially contribute to the game if your idea is valid, all suggestions and bugs are looked at and transfered onto the developement logs to be looked at and reviewed and possible put in the game or fixed within a 1-2 day basis.

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